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Scott Vaughan

Scott Vaughan is a lifelong communicator.Download Scott's Resume.

As a boy, growing up 40 miles north of Atlanta, he would visit his grandparents,

color a picture, mail it to himself, and then wait by the mailbox each day until it arrived.

In 1974, after a failed career as a bus boy in a local pizza restaurant, he rode his

10-speed bike to the local newspaper office and asked for a job. He was hired to

write sports,following the teams at his high school, and to provide janitorial services

after school. When he graduated from high school, he attended the University of

Georgia on a four-year grant through the Georgia Press Association. At Georgia,

he worked in circulation for the daily newspapers in Athens, GA. He graduated with

a degree in journalism and a minor course of study in sociology.

For the next 13 years, Scott worked at a variety of newspapers, serving in advertising sales, news reporting, editorial writing, circulation and publishing. Newspapers he led won state and national awards for editorial writing, advertising and promotion campaigns. His career took him throughout Georgia and ultimately to Lexington, SC, a suburb of the state capital, Columbia.

Scott is a follower of Jesus.

In 1967, when Scott was seven years old his grandfather died. That first waltz through the proceedings of death created a lot of questions about death, life after death, faith, and salvation from sin. One year later, attending a nearby outdoor camp-meeting, Scott was touched by the Holy Spirit and surrendered his life to Jesus. He made his profession of faith at the First Baptist Church of Cumming, GA, where he was also baptized.

Scott has always valued the church, attending as a child, serving in youth ministry, Sunday School, and then teaching adult Bible Study as an adult. He was ordained as a deacon in 1990 and ordained to the gospel ministry by Lexington Baptist Church, Lexington, SC 2011. He and his wife, Vicki, also a believer, have four sons who each have active faith lives in local churches.

In 1994, after 20 years around newspapers, Scott was moved to leave the newspaper business and enter vocational ministry with a goal to help churches improve both internal communication among members and guests, and external communication with communities. He accepted a position with the South Carolina Baptist Convention in Columbia, SC, and served as director of church marketing from 1994-2003. His department coordinated the convention staff's customer service and service marketing to more than 2,000 churches. Scott, too, was able to serve local churches of all sizes, helping them with strategies to improve communication.

In 2003, the Lord called Scott to leave the convention - on good terms and with goodwill - to begin his consulting practice to serve a larger church audience - beyond Baptist life and beyond South Carolina. Since 2003, Scott's network of churches has grown from 350 to more than 4,000 throughout North America. 

Still today, he leads a large adult Bible Study each week at his local church, serves periodically on standing and special committees, and preaches occasionally for his pastor. Scott loves the local church and his friends in faith within it. He is not a church consultant, who happens to be a Christian. Scott is a follower of Jesus, a committed local church leader, and friend to all faith communities everywhere.